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This can lead viewers of pornography to have unrealistic expectations about how the labia should look. The vagina and vulva have evoked strong reactions in societies throughout history, including negative perceptions and language, cultural taboosand their use as symbols for female sexualityspirituality, or regeneration of life. Little thought apparently has been devoted to the nature of female genitals in general, likely accounting for the reason that most people use incorrect terms when referring to female external genitals. The human vagina is an elastic, muscular canal that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The two urogenital folds of the genital tubercle form the labia minoraand the labioscrotal swellings enlarge to form the labia majora.

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Women may derive pleasure from one part of the vagina, or from a feeling of closeness and fullness during vaginal penetration.

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Vaginas 101

The cervix, at the top of the vagina, also moves and changes shape throughout the cycle. New Dimensions in Women's Health. It is thought that the weakening of the support structures of the vagina is due to the physiological changes in this connective tissue. Because the male and female parts develop from the same tissues, this makes them homologous different versions of the same structure. These nodes can be assessed for the presence of disease. Sexual assault with objects can damage the vagina and X-ray examination may reveal the presence of foreign objects. Secondly, there is a layer of smooth muscle with bundles of circular fibers internal to longitudinal fibers those that run lengthwise.

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where is a girls vulva
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where is a girls vulva
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