Facial eye parts description

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The points of the almond are called canthi; that nearest the nose is the inner canthus, and the other is the outer canthus. This is consistent with the Gestalt theory that an image is seen in its entirety, not by its individual parts. The blood vessels of the sclera are largely confined to a superficial layer of tissue, and these, along with the conjunctival vessels, are responsible for the bright redness of the inflamed eye. Contraction therefore causes the eyebrows to rise and opposes the action of the orbital portion of the orbicularis; the muscle is especially used when one gazes upward. The pupil, behind the cornea, is a hole in the colored membrane called the iris.

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Eye Anatomy: Parts Of The Eye

The cornea is the transparent window of the eye. Specialized regions of the human brainsuch as the fusiform face area FFAenable facial recognition; when these are damagedit may be impossible to recognize faces even of intimate family members. So on February 14th, look into your Valentine's eyes — chances are his or her pupils will be dilated! It appears dark because the light passing into the eye is not reflected back to any great extent. The rectus muscles direct the gaze upward and downward and from side to side. To understand macular degeneration, one must know how the human eye works. The structure responsible for the pumping action is almost certainly the endothelium, so that damage to this lining can lead to a loss of transparency with swelling.

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facial eye parts description
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facial eye parts description
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